Saturday, December 10, 2005

All better now

Yippee, no-one can accuse me of dwelling on things.

I'm happy the cart has a new home, and I'm happy for the room it has left in our back yard, and the space that has been filled in our bank account, and I'm happy that the new owners love coffee and will use it as it was intended. And I'm happy that I can maybe buy a mini Mazzer now... and just maybe a Rocket... ooohhhh

And I'm happy that this morning rather than feeling like we had to stay home for coffee, we were able to walk down to Go Bang and have a delicious cup made by someone else.

And I'm happy that Fly My Pretties was so brilliant. I'm amazed by the talent in this town. Bloody clever young people. Perhaps I should have kept up the violin, piano, clarinet etc. Except that I truly believe that you can tell at a young age if you have any talent or commitment, and I didn't have either.

It was a fantastic show. It was like a modern take on a variety show I reckon. I'm not very good at naming music genres, but I'm pretty sure they covered most of them last night. That Hollie Smith. Man, what a voice. Sam Scott, brilliant (and Emily got a shout out. Last time I got a shout out, I got was at a Toy Love concert when I was about 8). And Barnaby Weir was brilliant. And Age Prior. And big shout out from me to Brendan Moran. He was so so good. He played one of my favourite shows ever in Hasselhoff in someones flat in Willis St, and the guy is brilliant still.


Emily said...

Hooray! Yes it was a great show, wasn't it? Even though Jan & I were rather embarrassed about the shout out!

stephen said...

Ha ha go Brendan. He played in one of my favourite ever shows - Knife Fight, supporting Cortina on Saturday night. Good god damn they absolutely floored me. I had an epiphany.

stephen said...

Oh, and thanks for the clue... I know now which two members of the Bats you aren't related to ;)

Their new album's getting some good press.

Martha said...

that's good. I really like it, and it gets better with more listens.