Sunday, December 18, 2005

and more

I may just be ready to talk more specifically about my day yesterday.

Alex and I met at 11.45 at the Matterhorn for a bit of lunch. I had two very delicious fruity cocktails, and Alex had a bottle of rose. I helped Alex finish the rose and he suggested another bottle. So we got a nice Alpha Domus Semillon. Then we thought it would be a much better idea to drink beer (are you begining to understand why I have the worst hangover of my life?), so we got stuck into some Coopers Sparkling Ale, which I think is about the nicest beer ever. Details are a little sketchy from here on. We went and had a look at the Workingmens Club. Yuck. So we didn't stop. We popped into Fidals and consumed something, and then went on to Havana bar and had a couple of mojitos, and ran into some friends. Then we went to Midnight for some nachos. Then we went to Good Luck and I had a cheeky darky - chocolate martini. Then we went to Bodega and there was an african dance party downstairs with free beers. And upstairs Cassette played and some other bands and they were great. And then we went back to Matterhorn and had some more Coopers Sparkling Ales.

Throughout the evening there were a smattering of people we knew and lots of musical people.

And now I feel sick again.



Domestic Goddess said...

Oh dear, as descriptive as your writing is there is a definite lack of cheeky glimmer today. I hope you are feeling better as there is much Christmas jollification to be had out there.

Martha said...

I'm going to stick to Christmas jollification in the form of chocolate and cake from hereon in.

It was actually an amazing night out, and I mustn't let the fact I can't cope with a hangover hinder the memory!