Tuesday, December 13, 2005


How exciting. I'm a student again! I'm thinking orientation gigs, the student bar, classic hi-jinks, stealing the other school's mascot, initiation... what the?

I am looking forward to it. I'm doing Advanced Public Relations and Political Communication (2 papers, not one with a really long name). The lectures are 4 hours long. We probably should have kept the coffee cart so I could take it to classes. I'll just have to make do with a thermos.

Now I just need a backpack and a new pencil case and I'll be sorted.


Em said...

Welcome fellow alumni. Where are you going? Maybe we can hang out in the Quad and check out the talent.

Martha said...

Massey I'm afraid. What a pity, talent spotting sounds like about the best time ever.

Kate said...

Is Massey jazzy?


Martha said...

Sadly there is nothing jazzy about Massey (apart from the Jazz courses).

I enrolled there originally because Judy McGregor was head of the Comm and Journalism school - now she is gone and I'm stuck with it. Also suited me to do correspondence when I was pregnant!