Monday, December 12, 2005

More rampant consumerism

Hell, lets admit it. I like stuff. Especially gorgeous stuff, and today I am drooling over this
I've decided that it will require a trademe mission - ie. I'll have to sell crap up the value of gorgeous clock radio.

On a less restrained note, I have just bought this
It is actually a necessity, almost like buying groceries or paying a gas bill. Well, a little more like buying chocolate and cake, but still necessary.


tinks said...

Oh, it's beautiful. Consider me green with envy.
My latest objet du desir is the full Tivoli CD stereo. God help me (or more specifically my credit card) if they ever release a version in white... said...

Chocolate and cake... yum!


Martha said...

Tinks, one day we'll have to actually manage to hook up. Francis Francis is back in action, and hopefully Mini Mazzer will be here soon too, but then I have a stag do on Saturday and Christmas on Sunday - so how about the New Year (I mean after your birthday)?

And Ben, yes!

Mr Reasonable said...

Stunning, simply and beautifully crafted. Every home should have one.....I would get one if I could hide it somewhere that Mrs R couldn't find it and ask tricky questions like "Why?", "What?" and the especially hard to deal with "Are you insane?".....

Kate said...

I LOVE the tivoli set. I'm so tempted considering the one cd player i'm left with seems to be on it's way out :(

Silence is golden but not for too long.