Saturday, December 03, 2005

(In Marlon Brando's "Stella" voice) Buffy!

‘kinoath. It seems that four episodes in a row of Buffy is just the right amount to make you go mental. I lay awake in bed last night marvelling at how much I'm like Buffy, and then had dreams involving my son scuttling around like a rodent vampire.

The first thing Glen said this morning was “that was one too many episodes of Buffy last night”.

She has taken over our life. And all I can think about now is how much I’d like to watch another episode, and could I sneak into the bedroom with the laptop unnoticed for the afternoon.

Which I won’t do, we have the Moustache Reveal Party to attend.

Perhaps a social life will help keep me sane. And the prospect of numerous lawyers, policy analysts, contracts managers and policemen all with Tom Selleck face is something I’m quite looking forward to.


Brena said...

This Moustache Reveal Party sounds kinda dodgy. Hope your latex "oops I did it again" Britters suit is lubed and ready!

Hopefully it's only men doing the Moustache Revealing...

Alan said...

What do you mean, Brena?

Oh...? You mean map of 'Tachemania?