Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday update

Having a very pleasant time still. We're in Christchurch, and we're driving to Geraldine tomorrow for a night, then Moeraki for a night (and a meal at Fleur's) and then down to the Catlins for 2 nights. We're not sure how to proceed after that, but basically we need to catch the ferry home on the 3rd.

Today I had a retail bonanza. Like everyone else, I'm all scathing of the whole Boxing Day frenzy, but seemingly, like everyone else, I'm deadly curious about all the bargains and so ventured into town. Man I hit the jackpot. Cheapskates had 50% off the sale price of everything, and when I got up to the counter with my booty, the woman said "yesterday this would have cost $100, how much would you like to pay today?". I was confused. I thought I was going to pay $100. So I said "$50?", and she replied "How about $60". Man. Do you know what I got for that?

1 pair Huffer jeans
1 pair Urchin shorts
1 black huffer top
1 long sleeved black Hurley top

We went back a bit later for some more stuff, but by then they had clicked that by the time people were at the counter, they didn't need to offer ridiculous discounts. 50% off the sale price was fine.

What a boring story. Unless you're in Christchurch in which case you should go and buy some stuff.

To ensure our brains didn't liquify with all the vaccuous shopping activity we went to the Christchurch Art Gallery in the afternoon. There was an amazing exhibition of Korean found art. It was varied and excellent. Some fricking dickhead told my cousin off for accidentally bumping a picture. Some people need to get a life. I evilled him a great deal, and I hope his karma is SHOT for being mean to a lovely young man.

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Alan said...

Jeez, and to think I was happy with 30% off the thing of my dreams at Arthur Barnetts in good old Dunedin this afternoon...