Friday, December 09, 2005

Bye bye

November-December 2005

I'm like Mr Potatohead in the ad crying at the window.

And I'm italics, and they won't go away. Today sucks.


tinks said...

You have Fly My Pretties tonight.
That will be good.

Kate said...

Bye you lovely coffee making travelling band wagon of java bean goodness :'(

We shall miss you at the Kindy do's ;)

Violet said...

About that add with the weeping Mr Potatohead - I feel sorry for the poor spud and the ad makes me want to go out and buy some potato chips instead of Grainwaves.

Mr Reasonable said...

the tears are making it hard to type, bye bye little fella.....Arrivederci

Mike said...

Um, is this "goodbye" to the coffee cart?

If so, bye! Really, it's just stuff. And obviously it was a play thing and not a loving, "I want you" style cart.

Let it go and move on to the next 'item' on the list.

So that's celebrant gone ... coffee cart gone ... bring on the U10 and don't let it go!!!

Martha said...

Well, I'm still hoping to be a celebrant. I'm gonna try for Civil Unions next. One of the celebrants around here must pop off this mortal coil at some point.

And as for the MP3, I'm sure they're going to come out with a bigger capacity soon, so I will just be patient.