Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Please take a minute to vote

Please vote for Llew. He has promised some chocolate and lots of kegs to anyone who does, and is going to have a massive party with exotic dancers, Paris Hilton's pointy nipples, The Wiggles, Mosaic Tiling, Jessica Simpson NAKED, some sexy feets, a bbq with grillslinger, and all manner of other Google seeking goodies.

For some reason there is no linkage option at the moment.

Find Llew at

I'll make it linky web savvy as soon as normality returns to blogger.

Go Llew!


Kate said...

Voted, but damn Tony Blair has a lot! said...

It didn't let me vote, jsuit kept on going around in circles

llew said...

Ha Kate... beat me to it, I have been mulling a post about Tony Blair's Blog, and I won't go & look, but I presume the next biggest vote catcher, Silent Running is about submarines.

Lots of people have mentioned they voted for me because Martha said there'd be chocolate (OK, 1 did).

Thank you all!

Jo Hubris said...

I went and looked at Tim Blair's site, and I didn't like it one bit. If you're going to do the boring political links thing, I like to know instantly where you're coming from, and I couldn't with him. So he sucks, and the people I know/know of who write Silent Running suck also. But Llew's coming third, hurrah.

David said...

I voted for Llew.

But it made me feel used and dirty.

llew said...

Ha! So you'll be going back for more of that David?

We're catching up to Silent Running & he's already leaving me comments likening my campaign to the Alamo.

Who remember the winner of that one anyway?

Does anyone know John Campbell? I think a plug on national TV might tip the balance.