Thursday, December 15, 2005

Prize Giving

(James Earl Jones Voice) An important day, a day that will live long in history.

You are all stellar examples of commenters. In you we see the future, and it is good.

(Yoda voice) Good you are. Happy I am. Prizes there are.

50th post award - Hers! Well done.

100th post award - Pamela's workmate! Well done, quite an achievement, now go forth and blog.

Pathos - Emily - well done! You used the word travails, which is good. I want to seem a bit more intellectual, and you raised the bar.

Humour - you're all so damn funny. Alan gets a point FOR THE CHILDREN, but I don't want to appear to be stalking him. David wins as well, but then loses for not being counted.

Oh team, you're all such champions. Please email me your addresses (my email is on my profile) and leftover chocolates, stickers, condoms etc will all be winging your way when I remember to do it.

Now there is commitment.

Whaddaya mean you're still using the Yoda voice?


Cliff said...

Hiya - Ch-ch-ch-chMainlander Mike provided the link so I clicked and and just wanted to say nice site

Martha said...

HI Cliff, nice to have you here.

Anonymous said...

Oh so very exciting to get presents at work!! (as I just have) Gorgeous looking little Christmas cookies - now I know you said on an earlier message that you made them yourself, but I'm having difficulty with the notion that someone in a similar age bracket to me (happy birthday by the way) whose name isn't Nigella could be this creatively domestic. Although I did make myself a feta-and-roast-garlic flavoured chippie sandwich for dinner last night so maybe I'm not far off. Oh and the Christmas bauble will come in very handy as I was supposed to bring in a decoration today for the work do and me, being me, didn't. So thanks :-)

Martha said...

Well you're a worthy recipient. I hope you enjoy it, and resist using the balloon to make farty noises.