Thursday, December 08, 2005

Geek mummy

It seems my Steiner education has come back to bite me on the bum. It has turned me into a bit of a hippy.

We had the kindy Christmas party last night, and I was frankly SHOCKED at the food and beverage on offer. They had those cheap fizzy drinks for the kids (not that I think expensive ones would have been better), chippies, chocolate, iceblocks and sausage sizzle. I got a firm "it is Christmas" when I queried the fizz. They're bloody 3 and 4 year olds! They think watered down juice is yummy!

Of course it was a total sugar fuelled frenzy.

Apart from my problems with the food it was really good. Zappo performed. I think that guy must do very well. One of the teachers was certainly swooning (although I'm pretty sure he is playing for the other team).

I was in charge of grog - yay! Sold masses too. Tip for drunk dads: the volunteer/s manning the grog don't think you're funny and don't give a rats arse whether you like your beer colder.


Make Tea Not War said...

I'm a Geek Mummy or possibly a Mean Mummy too in many respects. As my teeth are mainly fillings I take dental hygiene quite seriously. And I do wonder whats up with Advent Chocolate Calender things where the child gets some chocolate every freaking day!?! My child is lucky if she gets a few carefully rationed and doled out with great ceremony chocolate buttons every few weeks as a very special treat. (Mummy scoffs the rest of the packet in handfuls while she is sleeping but thats ok because my teeth are already past saving) Her grandparents think I'm horribly but until, I am satisfied that, she has properly mastered tooth brushing that is how things are going to stay.

Kate said...

That Zappo cat def plays for the other team. He's a nice guy.

Violet said...

I know of this Zappo. He certainly does play for the other team and I know this because:

1. I've been to his aerobics classes
2. He told us once that he used to be an airline steward.

Nice guy.

Kate said...

His old stalker... not so nice.

llew said...

Ahah! Dead giveaway, an airline steward.

um... Who on earth is Zappo?

Oh great code word today hujgovt

Anna said...

Zappo sure gets around - he does the kindy parties a bit over here in J'ville too. He really must love his job - it surely SUCKS to have to cajole kids to laugh and not grab his bunny all day... said...

Elliot doesn't get to have fizzy drinks or lollies either. He even goes to other children's birthday parties and tells them that their teeth will 'get rotton' if they eat lollies. It can be a bit emabarrassing :-)