Monday, December 19, 2005

Out of sequence photographic storytelling

Photo evidence of Martha and Alex's big nite out.
November-December 2005 065
This is a pretty blurry photo. I look okay, but Alex is much handsomer in real life.

I should skite about how the waiting-to-be-wedded were in fact set up by me in a stroke of brilliant match making genius.
November-December 2005 063
And here are Mitch and Cam. I hope they don't mind being in my blog. They're ace though, and goodlooking, so we all end up looking good. I told Mitch the same stories about 30 times on Saturday, but Mitch and I have been friends a long time, and I'm pretty sure she is used to it.


llew said...

Yes, by all means post more pictures of Mitch.

mitch said...

marth you guys are legends, and at least your stories get better with each re-telling!

llew said...

oooh... sprung!