Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Be prepared for a few vacuous posts today.

Why don't the children come to get lollies off us at Halloween? Only one lot came last night. I have mini m&ms and perky nanas coming out my ears.

I know if I don't buy masses of lollies next year we'll get squillions of kids swing by. We'll be those lame-o people who give an apple and a box of raisins.


Jessie said...

I avoided my bedroom at the front of the house all evening, lest I be seen from the street and accosted by demanding children, with nothing to give them.

But they must have been able to tell, cos they walked on by every time!

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh I know, ungrateful buggers too please the delinquents in diapers on my street I would have to have little mini bags of upside down b in easy open packs!