Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Movember!

My male friends, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to announce this month to be Movember. My husband, in his infinite slight lack of wisdom, has joined the game. The rules? No shaving of the upper lip for the duration of Movember, with a party to celebrate hirsute-ness early December (or Shavember as I'm fondly thinking of it, or better still, my birthday!).

The chaps aren't allowed any hair below the lip, nor any meeting of 'tache and sidies. I think there will be some fairly corker photo ops coming up.

Actually I'm not too concerned about my husband having a moustache. He tried to grow one 15 years ago, and not a soul noticed. Now he is grey, it will barely show.

Plus my dad has one. And he is handsome.
Terry and operatic coffee cart


Lisa said...

He should grow one to twirl when he has a fiendishly clever idea!

Kate said...

That sounds very Peter Plumley Walker. said...

That is pure genius, I feel inspired now.


Wicked said...

I heard about Movember on the radio and thought it was a great idea! Trying to talk the Other Half into giving it a go is another story, however!