Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Your expertise please

I'm actually quite enjoying starting anew with my laptop now all the drama is over.

I'm ready for all you clever peeps to give me your software recommendations. Brena, thanks for your backup advice, I shall investigate forthwith.

The other thing I need that springs to mind is an RSS reader thingymabob. I did have Sage. It was nice and neat at the side of my page, but SLOW. And it would just jump aboard whichever page was open, which was a bit painful. Is there something better?

Any other hot techno tips are welcome too. I'm going to paint this baby racing car red and make it go FAST (metaphorically speaking).


brena said...

I use one called FeedDemon and find it pretty cool for stalking bloggers to write inane comments the moment you post.

Oh bradsoft.com. I also use their css/xhtml editor called TopStyle pro. I would seriously die without it...

Martha said...

I like being stalked. It is my reason for blogging.

Okay, I'm needy.

FeedDemon is a cool name, done. Thanks!

Mike said...

RSS - Google Desktop OR Firefox (built in - browse and RSS feeds in one go)

hers said...

Picassa for pictures, Artrage for art fun (we use it with kids - the tracing paper feature is way cool), Acid Express for making music, VLC for playing videos, Real alternative and Quicktime Alternative.

Coppernic Search (better than Google desktop).

M$ antispyware, spybot S&D, and Adaware for safety.

Those are just some freebie goodness off the top of my head.

ben.run said...

I recommend not using Firefox at all which is painfully slow for everything. Use Opera which is super fast, and Opera 8.5 is now free and and not ad supported (versions prior had a pay version, and a free ad supported version, but now they have gone for fully free).

For an Rss reader I have yet to find the perfect one. Opera's RSS reading isn't great, it treats them like emails. So I use a seperate program called RssReader which shows me the articles from the feeds which I then select and bring them up in Opera.


Martha said...

You people are very fabulous and helpful, I shall make my computer shiny and cool.

Faster eh Ben? I like the sound of that. I'll have to give it a whirl.

Mike said...

Coppernic Search (better than Google desktop) - nah, it's not
Firefox at all which is painfully slow for everything - nah, it's not

Brena said...

Firefox is quite slow to start though but once up it's away it's good. There's a fast loader program you can get for FF too which helps if you don't mind another start-up app.

May I also recommend Thunderbird for email? Much nicer than Outlook Express...

Martha said...

Ohh, thanks Brena, I was wondering about Thunderbird. Outlook pisses me off, it is so much crapper than any of the email programs I used in the old days of work.

And I think I will stick with Firefox, as I know it and really, it doesn't strike me as that slow.