Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I have given up the Interior Design thing. They were a bunch of crazies, and I have realised that just because you paint your house and like design magazines, you don't have to be one. Although I'd still love to do design. Properly, not through the Open Polytech (dicks).

I have decided instead to focus my attention on a qualification I began about 4 years ago. I mainly like it because when I finish (only 2 papers to go) I'll be

Wanda Harland
BA, PG Dip Bus Admin. (Comms).

Which sounds better even than my husband's qualification, and he is a doctor. Well, not better, but longer.

I was very pleased to see that Massey has a new course I can do towards it called Political Communications. I'll work those buggers out yet.

And if I want to become Prime Minister, I suspect it is a slightly better path to go down than Interior Design.

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Jo Hubris said...

If I call myself "Jo McLeod, BCs GradDip PR Com", the letters in my qualifications outnumber the letters in my name. Wahoo.