Tuesday, July 25, 2006

10 Bullet Points

  • I am not ill, but almost everyone else in my family is.
  • Extras is on telly, I haven't really been concentrating.
  • Stitch and bitch was good. Lots of people, lots of bitching.
  • I like Dreamweaver. However, since I've installed it I have been singing Dreamweaver every 7 minutes.
  • These 10 bullet points aren't going anywhere.
  • Because it is bedtime.
  • And all I have done today is run around like a chook without a noggin.
  • And I'm tired.
  • And in denial about the 17 loads of washing waiting to be folded.
  • Life ain't so rock n roll today.


Anonymous said...

Great interviews...feel a bit like that now myself...had a squiz at yr babylicious site...is the email address in the contact section supposed to say paradise rather than paradie? Or maybe I'm a savvy to far?


cathi said...

guess what....


next time. The jumper I'm supposedly knitting will still need to be knit in a fortnight.