Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mayhem, chaos and more mayhem

Mayhem in a good way though.

Life in this crazy house is just NON STOP FULL ON.

One very positive upside of Craftwerk was the offer to stock my clothes in a lovely shop. This is great, and a dream come true. However, I almost sold out at Craftwerk, so my stocks are somewhat diminished, leading to a frenzy of further creativity.

I'm very excited. I've been madly emailing suppliers and dreaming about websites and empire building in my head. Which is why it is almost midnight, and I'm still awake.

Oh stop the madness crazy brain woman.

Crazy brain woman. Now there is a good name for a baby shop website.

Oh the creativity, and the humanity.


Make Tea Not War said...

How clever! I think that is pretty impressive especially in addition to all the renovating, studying and child bearing and rearing not to mention blogging. In fact just reading that last sentence is making me exhausted.

Martha said...

Ha! The reason I manage is because I'm a slatternly housewife.