Monday, July 31, 2006

Steep learning curve of my soul

Not really, but I'm eager for people not to think me shallow.


I'm quite proud of myself for creating pop-up windows on my babylicious site. Check out the dressing room, and you can make the wee pictures big. Clever eh?

Thanks Dreamweaver. I only said that so you'd be singing "Dreamweaver" for the rest of the day like me.

There is no little hand to indicate that you will open a pop-up window yet. Small steps though people. I'm just blown away by the fact I managed to take some photos, and then get them on the internet.

I think it may have been valuable to pay a little more attention to ironing. Who would've thought I'd ever need to be good at ironing?


red said...

it's something to do with "roll over" image.

you want fun things to happen when you roll over the pic... not sure beyond that :/

Carmenzta said...

Wanda, I loved "babylicious." Ironing? what is THAT?

Jack Lambchop said...

Got the shirts yesterday, thanks! They is just brilliant. My friend's small person will love them.

Martha said...

Thanks Jack, my pleasure.

Carmenzta, I know! Surely this is the future and ironing should be obsolete.

And Red, ta. I have clever Emily to help me, so I'm as right as rain now.