Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Glen has made a spreadsheet up of all the permutations and combinations of shirts I make. There are over 600 different combinations.

This makes it perfectly clear why every time someone asks me if I have a 3-6 month white shirt with a green NZ, I always say "no" and need to make it for them. The chance of someone asking me for a shirt I already have printed is (complex mathematical equation do do do do sound)

1 in 46.7 billion.

I need to streamline my systems.


kitty said...

Isn't he clever? Maths has never been my strong point, even with Excel helping out.
Thanks again for Sunday night - I had so much fun. The only glitch was my poor head giving me a stern telling-off the next day...
Hope you all get well soon.
C xx.

Martha said...

Yes, same here. And then we got Malo's lurgy.

It was a lovely time though, and next time you'll have to stay so that Tinks can get rat-arsed too, and not be the one who remembers...

llew said...

"I need to streamline my systems"

I can't recommend muesli & dried fruit highly enough.

Martha said...

sounds a lot simpler than the alternatives.

Lisa said...

Yo. Email me your address (lucyfur at rapony dot com) and I'll try to remember to send you a Hoff CD. It's good for what ails ya. We listened to it (TWICE!) today at work and people were giddy with excitement.

Jack Lambchop said...

I'm no statistician, but I think on those odds, you have a better chance of being struck by lightening than you do of having a ready-made shirt for someone. Until you can step up production, you should probably avoid thunderstorms. That's my advice.

The Douros said...

To make it more complicated:

Have you ever considered doing adult sizes too?

- The Douros

Martha said...

I've got a head for sin and a bod for business.

So no.

Jack Lambchop said...

Being serious now, the shirts look fairly cool. My wee boy would be keen for one - so how do we get hold of them in dirty old Auckville?

Jack Lambchop said...

BTW, I obviously meant "lightning" earlier. Not "lightening", which is something QUITE different. But oddly still makes sense, in the context of wot I said.

Hadyn said...

I don't often admit this, but I'm actually a mathematician. The formula to figure out all the permutations isn't complicated.

It should be:
(# of different shirt sizes)x
(# of different shirt colours)x
(# of different print types)x
(# of different print colours)

Not complicated at all.

Martha said...

I did 7th form stats, and that is truely the only thing I learned.

Martha said...

or truly.


Sarge said...

I wouldn't worry about stock levels on the assumption that part of the value of the product you're making is its rarity and uniqueness.

Of course, if you were going to make a lot then you would want to cut down the options dramatically because each different stocked item adds to your costs because of the extra cost of holding that extra item.

A useful trick might be postponement. Is it possible to half make some shirts so that its possible to decide which exact shirt they become later on in the process?

Or you could just advertise the fact that you make them individually and that becomes part of the cachet of having one. You'd probably want to find a way to manufacture a customised shirt as quickly as possible.

(Can you tell I have a commerce degree in Operations Management that I never get to use?)

Martha said...

Sarge, I like your way of making "slow" sound like a thing. Although that is exactly what I'm doing. And by slow, well, I only take a day to complete.

And yes, I have managed to streamline it a bit - all tops tagged and labelled to a point.

I would never have even been able to imagine what a degree in Operations Management before today.

Can you tell I have a degree in Art History and Politics? And almost a PGDipBusAdmin (end. Comms) - I throw that in every chance I get - so many letters!