Monday, July 03, 2006

A number of points of no consequence

  • Seresin Merlot 1998 is a very fine wine indeed. Sampled before and after the fireworks on Saturday with dear friends Karen and Ash, it was truly a triumph.
  • Delivering 12500 phonebooks is not a fun kindy fundraiser.
  • Spotlight employs the worst people anywhere.
  • Thinking that tiling the end of the bath after 3 years is the most satisfying part of renovating doesn't take into account the joy of having a light in the hallway after 3 years. Light! Who would've thought?
  • A certain 33 year old mother of 2 cannot socialise 4 nights in one week. On Monday she will crash and be grouchy.


hers said...

Spotlight sales drones must take a course in being as slow and perverse as possible.


Martha said...

Yep. You're bang on, they're terrible.

David said...

Fireworks on Saturday? You must have been celebrating Northern Territory Day too. Nicely done!

Martha said...

Yes! And Canada day too I think.

How were the fireworks over your way?

Cathi said...

we heard the fireworks but have no idea what they were for.

Spotlight Wellington - agreed. Where do they find them? The Porirua people are much nicer, and even excused the Wgtn people as being "much busier". Busier my eye. They're just grumpy.

Reno joy - we couldn't believe the difference when we changed the lampshades in the living room. Only took us four years to get round to...

David said...

NT Day firework pics on blog. There is an official display at the beach. Then thousands of drunk people let off their own. The place becomes more dangerous than Baghdad as rockets bounce horizontally along the sand before exploding in amongst groups of spectators.

It is fun. But I'm always glad to get home without needing skin grafts or a seeing eye dog.