Thursday, July 13, 2006

Beers under yer belt and all

Ah, deep sigh.

Craft est fini.

I can't spell french because of the beers.

Once you get the idea that beer is pricey, finding a boutique one for $5 seems like an irresistable bargain.

And you'd better accept that I've had a few before you read further, or you'll be disappointed in me, and I couldn't handle the pain.

Craftwerk was somewhat AMAZING. It was a complete frenzy, or as was overheard "a zoo". A zoo of awesome people buying my colleagues and my (mine?) great gears. My cruisey night hanging out at the bar with Hadyn and Tom was wrecked by all this selling of stuff. I didn't even get a chance to yarn away much with our lovely neighbours.

I did drink some freaking "summer" beer, full of special herbs and spices. If there is one thing I can't tolerate it is a beer full of herbs and spices. But something I can tolerate even less is wasting a beer. So I drank the damn thing, and now all I can taste is the freaking herbs and freaking spices (parents back from overseas soon, so swearing must cease).

That sounded evil and witchy.

It was an excellent night, better than anything really. Lots of lovely and interesting people buying and selling and looking-at great stuff.

My mix tape was unspeakably freaky (the one I received), so I'm guessing some Pantera fan somewhere is listening to Toy Love and cursing the evil Wanda.



Cathi said...

Hmph. Sounds wonderful. I'm even more peeved that I missed it.

So you thought you saw me eh? I guess that's payback for me thinking I met you on Petone beach.

tinks said...

A great night - great to see it so busy. I'm all inspired to do something crafty now. But what...

Hadyn said...

Good god!
So. Many. People.

Tom, Che and I decided that 15mins was enough and headed out for a drink.

Glad to hear you were in a selling frenzy too. Your neighbours were well happy and spent most of dinner afterwards divying up the loot.

I just wish I had done the mix tape thing.

Martha said...

Hadyn,I had spent most of the loot before I left the building! I have a remarkable amount to show for it too.

I wish I'd kept a copy of my mix tape. Although my mix tape was a cd, and I'm sure I can replicate it.

Tinks, I'm not sure you'll have time for craft with all your theatre and restaurant habits. You're very welcome at Stitch and Bitch though.

Cathi, I was so sure it was you. There was even an eye contact moment that said "aha, I know you throught the internet freaky world".