Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh fer goodness sake

Why? Why do Carly Binding and Donald Reid have to cover If You Tolerate this? And why did my happy chilled outness have to be ruined by National Radio playing that Punk Rocker with Flowers in My Hair song?


And how dumb would a punk-rocker look with flowers perched on the mohawk? Huh?

Why? Why? WHY???


Frontier Editor said...

Wanda my dear, let me cure your flower-induced funk with this:

David Slack said...

Your universe may well be unravelling.,2106,3746841a1860,00.html

Frontier Editor said...

Just a quick question - is it a good thing to be listed as fresh and fruity in your blog list?

Martha said...

Bob, you know it is.

And David, apart from the wees, the Hoff drunk is actually the universe exactly as it should be.