Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Satan's post

This is the 666th post Chez Wanda.

Isn't that exciting.

So, it has been kinda full on here. Last night we had an excellent Stitch and Bitch session, and everyone should come, as it rocks.

And today I took the small people to Curious George (which was the definition of "cute"). It had a strange storyline, but the animation was lovely.

Then Chow Petone for lunch. Their $10 plates are soooo goooood. And $10 is dirt cheap. Perhaps I'll eat there everyday. Mmm.

Bit of culture this afternoon at the City Gallery. Very nice Guy Ngan exhibition. Christ I wish I'd bought one of his pieces when I saw it at Dunbar Sloane last year. There is no hope of being able to afford it now.

The Prior collection of paintings is ace. Dr Prior saved my husband's life when he was a mere boy, so we probably would've liked his collection if it consisted of framed colouring book pictures. Which it didn't. It had all the big players of New Zealand Art, and I heartily recommend it.

And the "oh my goodness some people are scarily clever" award goes to Elizabeth Thomson. You should go and see her stuff whether you're into art or not. It is all good in the artfulness stakes, but also in the workmanship stakes. Absolutely stunning.

And now I'm sitting here inhaling fabric dye fumes as I get ready for the marvellous Craftwerk tomorrow. Be there or be square, okay?


Anne said...

Hehe...are those heatset inks?? Quite fumey I agree!

You've been busy! Good luck for tomorrow.

Nice labels too.

Cheers for the Curious George thumbs up.

Martha said...

Thanks Anne, it has been fun.

I don't know who you're planning to take to Curious George, but I can vouch for it for a 4 year old (and a 33 year old).

stephen said...

...the "oh my goodness some people are scarily clever" award SHOULD go to Elizabeth Thomson's sadly uncredited and disappointingly unsung technicians.

Martha said...

I suppose that is the luxery of being the boss. Luxury? Lucksorry? Luxiry?

You know how some words go all crazy looking? The above is doing it for me at the moment. "Bacon" always looks wrong to me too.