Thursday, July 20, 2006


Something had to give. I've had to pull out of the class, it was too much on top of everything else. I'm a bit sad really, for one thing I wanted to finish my qualification. Also, I really like the lecturer and the subject matter is fascinating. And I don't like being a quitter. But I'm just going to do it next year instead. Finn will be at school, Malo at kindy, and life should be a little more manageable. Imagine, I could even go into the library!

So. Project du jour is a website I need to build before next Thursday. If anyone knows of a free template or something (obviously very tasteful, like me, stop LAUGHING), please I urge you to let me know, because right now I have no idea.

But I do have a domain name. Just nothing on it yet.

So keep in your memories


stephen said...

Good luck.. let me know if you need a database programmer ;)

Em said...

Let me know if my "professional" website skills can help in any way!! x

Martha said...

Thanks Stephen, maybe when I learn what that means, well, I'll give you a call.

Em, marvy thanks darling, I imagine there could be some assistance required at some stage, although my clever friend Tinks has energetically volunteered and is probably trying to work out my vague ideas...

SoSu said...

your so orgainsed
i currently have a crappy wordpress blog as my shop
which is better than nothing

and what's on thursday?
are you being featured in the dompost perhaps?

Martha said...

Ha! Hopefully. I've had to give up on the social pages.

Your crappy wordpress blog actually looks freaking impressive and sophisticated to me.

Alan said...

This is very exciting and cool, Martha.

Well, it does it for me, anyway. I see your webhost has a built in shop thing too (assuming you picked up that plan).

There's quite a few nice local online shops using that particular system - here's one.

Next problems are how are you going to receive payments?

Martha said...

Thanks Alan. I have no idea how you found a shopping bit on that website. I still can't find it!

It was an immensely difficult selection process involving me typing something along the lines of "cheap website hosting" - and voila! $1 per week!

I'm not going to sell stuff from it for a while. Just redirect people to my stockist(s)...

Alan said...

Look for the link to something called 'OSCommerce".

Maybe the easiest thing for you might be to get a blog onto babylicious - take a similar approach to (SuperVery) Sue - install WordPress or TextPattern. I can probably help you with the latter, as that is what I use for

Have a look at these instructions for WordPress and see if you think they are doable:

If not, maybe your other option is to get another Blogger blog but put it on the Babylicious domain. If you sign into Blogger, go to "Create New Blog", and then "Advanced setup", you can set it up so that you can edit a blog via Blogger but have that blog live at your own domain. You'd be a bit limited by the choice of templates, but at least it would be easier.

Then, in six months time once the hits go ballistic you can engage some deign and build work from someone and get a real online shop. After that: world domination.

Jo Hubris said...

Since everyone's jumping on the 'Help Martha' bandwagon, let me volunteer my skills for proofreading and editing any copy you might have on the site.

dritchie said...

Here's my free advice: resize your photos. The ones I just looked at were ~500KB and 960x1280 pixels large; resized to 120x160 (i.e. their display size on the page they were 1% of the size. You'll be turning a lot of dial-up users away with such large images!

Martha said...

Good call, thank you, we'll do that now.