Wednesday, July 19, 2006


lots and lots and lots of swear words. Yelled. All at once.

My first class was somewhat daunting. Ontological! Epistemological! Positivism! Bloody philosophy.

What the hell have I been doing all these years to let these concepts completely slip me by. Oh yeah, drinking and crack, and thinking about Britney.

I'd never considered Britney in a constuctivist paradigm. Life suddenly seems empty.


llew said...

What's that Britney song? Oh Yeah - "I'm not. That. Positivist."

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah....

susan said...

She'll be right. Mums do philosophy all the time:

Ontology is sorting the messy stuff that the world is made of into nice neat piles of folded concepts.
"Mummy are daddies mammals?"

Epistemology is about knowledge and belief.
"How did you know I drew on the floor?"

Positivism is the way people who have a bit of naive respect for science think about it.
"You're going to have a MenzB immunisation because scientists have worked out that if most children have them then far fewer children will die this year than if they don't have them."

Martha said...

Thanks Susan, I should have sent you in my place. I emailed the lecturer your analogy, and he said you should be a teacher. Which of course you are. You've already taught me today, and no doubt those daughters have been the recipient of some cool teaching too.