Friday, July 07, 2006

Vampire alert

I'm having one of those days. Everything is kind of difficult, kids are messy, I'm tired.

And when I was in the shower I got a terrible bleeding nose. I've always been susceptible to them, and quite often get them when I'm washing my face. Obviously my cleanliness is next to godliness belief makes me a little too vigorous.

So I had a gusher of a nose, 2 children who were very interested, wet, spraying blood like a tap. Whaddaya do?

Take a photo of course.

And I was dressed.

I'm just not sure the world is ready for a photo of me uncombed, toilet paper sticking out of my nose, wild look in my eye.

So it is poll time.

Would you like to see the gross picture with the blood?
Don't be gross, you're very very immature
Spare me
I'd maybe glance at it
Oh, go on then
Mmm blood
Mmm blood and toilet paper sticking out of someones nose
I'm a pervert. I love that shit
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1 comment:

Kyahgirl said...

Poor you on the nosebleeds. That gets messy eh?

but, get on with the picture will you? :-)