Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm in Labour

I went to the Labour Party party tonight, to celebrate 90 years in da bidness.

It was good fun. I saw every Labour Minister that exists, except Cullen who had a tummy bug. Helen spoke, and she was bloody amazing actually. Her security were keeping a close eye on my (blueish) bag. Shouldn't security be more discreet? Or discrete? I can never remember which - one is a door?

You'd think I was drunk... For once I wasn't.

There was wine, and a little food, and lots of interesting people. And I drank some wine, but I didn't check out what it was. Sorry Alan.

No scandal to report. There were a few crazies and a lot of earnest people, you get that though.

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Carmenzta said...

Martha, Ok but when do we get to see the picture with the bloody nose?