Wednesday, July 26, 2006

7 more bullet points

Signifying a definite lack of creativity.

  • Big Love starts on TV2 tonight. 2 hours! I can't wait.
  • I need to do some kind of inventory of my stock. Doesn't that sound official?
  • You know how I wasn't unwell like everyone else yesterday? Well, now I can only dream.
  • Mint slices are the finest biscuit available.
  • We started getting the paper delivered today. Expect an increased awareness of events (like sales, and you know, movies - oh, and Big Love!)
  • I've been imagining 'Hizbollah' is spelled 'Hezbollah'. My brain feels cheated.
  • Woah oh oh dreamweaver, I believe doo doo doo doo do do doooo ooo.
Update: Obviously Hezbollah is spelled Hezbollah (DPF spells it this way too), and I should trust my brain more than the Dom Post - although I daresay it is probably one of those things I could simply google and find out that it is spelled both ways. But frankly, if I googled everything to confirm, what the rolly would I write about? And I kind of hate lots of links. Life is too short.


Sarah said...

Hardcore pedants actually spell Hezbollah all squiggly and pretty.

Martha said...

Good point. Perhaps in the future I'll learn to do that.

SoSu said...

just been visiting mindy at juniper today, your shirts look so awesome there.
YAY you

stephen said...

It's a transliteration and subject to regional dialect variances. I've seen it written Hizbollah, Hezbollah, Hizbullah, among others. FWIW.

Jo Hubris said...

Have you tried mint slice BALLS? They are AWESOME.

Martha said...

No, but they sound very very good, and now I want some.