Thursday, July 06, 2006

I can't remember when it wasn't raining

Stuck in the Hutt!

The motorway into Wellington was basically slowed to a standstill yesterday with a major slip. Normally it takes about 12 minutes to get into town, yesterday people were stuck in their cars for 2 hours.

This meant that I couldn't make my hot date to a fabulous art gallery opening. Dammit. Another chance to be in the society pages missed.

We have visitors from out of town, and it is all a bit embarrassing when you can't show them the good shit like Te Papa.

So today we're all tucked up inside waiting for some shows from our friends in America.

Stinky school holiday rainy weather.


llew said...

Very sucky.

tinks said...

Such a shame - I met your hot date.

Martha said...

Having whinged about the weather, I have just taken the kids to Over the Hedge, and it was fun.

And yes Tinks, my date was hot. We were going to park and everything...