Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I start being a student again today. This will probably lead to a lot of blogging. My skills of procrastination are very good for areas of my life other than study, so I anticipate a clean house, a lot of blogging, and a fair quantity of stress.

I'm kind of fancying doing a thesis too. This morning at the gym I came up with the fabulous idea of a thesis about the public perception of Britney, but my instinct is that they won't give me a Masters in Management on Britney.

Imagine it though, Britney the Virgin through to Britney and Kev. If nothing else, it would be a good conversation starter at parties. I fear it would also stop them too.


Vicus Scurra said...

Please feel free to call upon my extensive knowledge of virtually everything to aid you academic progress.

SoSu said...

i'd like to reccomed a sub thesis analysing the path not taken as illustrated by christina Agieluria. Begining with the Mickey Mouse club moving onto chaps wearing ho and current status as happiply married glam queen

susan said...

Media studies maybe.

I think that in general a Masters leaves one with a neurosis, a PhD with a couple, bear that in mind and pick ones that you can live with.

Martha said...

Vicus, thanks mate, I'll send over the assignment questions, and you've got a few weeks to write each essay. Many thanks.

Sue, already my vague musings on Britney lead to some discussion along the Britney vs Xtina lines. I'll always love Brit.

And Susan, I think I can live without a neurosis. I'm feeling severely neurotic about impending doom based on first class. There is no way in this sweet earth I'd ever do a PhD (or a D Phil like Glen). I'd rather do, well, anything.