Thursday, July 06, 2006


Only a week until Craftwerk hits the town.

Where: Paramount Theatre
When: Thursday 13th July, 5.30-8.30
What: Where to start? There will be a fabulous range of craft items created by oodles of clever people. From badges to crochet, from jewellery to a rather special range of children's screenprinted shirts (bit of self promotion never hurt anyone eh?).

There will be music and Atari games, a fantastic mix tape swap, and all in a licensed venue.

Truly, does life get any sweeter?


Frontier Editor said...

Damn, I thought she meant KRAFTwerk . . .

Oy Vey said...

your shirts are cute. do you only do kids'? how about shirts for large girls/small women? i like the NZ shirts...i don't think anybody here would get it right's got a bit of Rorschach-ness to it.

...and what's Cupcakes of Delight????

Ugh, and please explain to me why I drank a quart of lager last night while we're at it.

Frontier Editor said...

Wonder if you can get the almost-four year old one to go around chanting "Trans . . .. Europe . . . . Express . . . . Trans . . . . . Europe . . . . Express . . ."

Martha said...

Oh yes. We love Kraftwerk in this house. Well, we would if it were the 80s still.

Martha said...

and well done for remembering the child's age! 4 on Monday.