Monday, July 03, 2006

Sex addict

I know it would be very trendy to claim to have a sex addiction, I'm not going to.

Actually, tonight on 60 Minutes there was an interview with a sex addict. He was from Wellington. After a while I decided to raise my eyes from my latest project (screenprinting) to see if I knew this poor sex addled Wellingtonian, and of course I did! The beauty of a small town.

He was a customer of mine when I had a takeaway business. He was a fireman, so pretty memorable (uniforms and all that...).

From the 60 Minutes website.

As far as having an addiction goes, surely a sex one wouldn’t be a bad one to have. Right? According to New Zealander Pete Lyons, and approximately eight percent of American males, there’s nothing pleasant about it.
As Pete tells, it’s not all about sex. The addiction isn’t to the actual act; it’s to the rush of adrenalin that comes from the sudden release of endorphins. And, just like an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you would beg, steal and borrow to get your next fix, and would step over your own family to get it.
I'm sure he dotted an "i" on the back of a cheque with a love-heart one night. I thought little of it at the time... (although god knows where the "i" has gone in his name).

There you go aye.


Kate said...

The reporter of that story, Amanda Miller, is married to a fireman. Do you think she was scraping the barrel?

It really ended up being an infommerical for his "" how to beat sex addition dvd.

Wonder if there's a Dummies Guide to Sex Addiction ?

Word Verification: Sockuy... which brings about this random thought of a drinking game:

"I know one sock cutter and he cuts socks",

"I know two sock cutters and they cut socks" ...etc.

I'm full of random thoughts and rather odd tangents.

llew said...

Yikes! He's hardly Brad Pitt is he?

Which brings me to an unsavoury question, does the hotness or otherwise of the chicks you're scoring have any bearing on whether it's an addiction?

Is he just trying to tell the world how many times he's scored?

BTW - saw neither the programme, nor have I read his site. I make my mind up based on headlines. That's enough.

Martha said...

Actually back then (this was about 7 years ago) he wasn't too shabby. Nice short hair, buff. Not bad.