Monday, July 10, 2006

Big weekend

Finn and bizarro cake

Mah boy is 4 (could you please say that "for-wah").

We had a mammoth party. Thankfully it was a tremendously sunny day, and kids were able to frolic outside, inside, in the kayak, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms - everywhere there was space in fact.

I managed to pull off a semi-healthy feed, which I'm quite proud of. Bacon and egg pies, oat and cranberry bickies, cheese and pineapple toothpicks (classy ones that Tom would be proud of), parmesan biscuits, fruit and wine. Kids go mad for the wine.

Finn got millions of presents - score! It was good because his birthday is actually today, so we didn't have to buy masses of stuff ourselves.

And I got to leave all the mess in the afternoon for an extremely classy baby shower. Now THAT was a spread. They even had club sammies on those multi-tiered cake thingies. And lots of chocolate, and vol au vents - genius!


Jack Lambchop said...

Sounds like a very classy sort of a do. My boy turned 5 yesterday, but, as we'd had his party the previous weekend, he'd completely forgotten that it was his birthday. When I reminded him that he was five, he looked kind of surprised, and then asked "So am I taller now?". So. Cute. Didn't get any extra presents out of it, but.

Nice blog, BTW.

Frontier Editor said...

Happy birthday Finn (and we say it fo-wah in Virginia)

Vicus Scurra said...

Best of luck Finn. I suspect that you will need it. Please feel free to contact me for advice at any time.

Martha said...

Jack, thanks! Yours too, I look forward to more.

Bob, maybe I was channeling you as I wrote it?

And Vicus. Yes, I really hope Finn turns to you for advice. Dreamy.

Frontier Editor said...

Maybe you were, but we swallow the r in this case.

Ought to hear us say Boutetourt (bot-uh-tot)

cesca said...

Happy birthday to your big 4 year old! My boy turned 4 a few weeks ago, so I'm ahead of you there...

Anyway, about the presents thing, you could do what my friend Frally did and pretend to her daughter that her actual birthday was not her actual birthday... finally 3 weeks later they had the party and everyone pretended that that was the actual day...! (Saved confusion on the kid's part, but it could have been the parents saving on pressies...)

Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog! :-)

Carmenzta said...

"Fo-Wah." I'm from the deep South. Happy Birthday to Finn, and I love that cake in the pic! It looks like a UFO.

Martha I also loved the picture of the blood and toilet paper. Thank you for posting it.

Future7111 said...

happy birthday, mine is tomorrow :)