Monday, September 05, 2005

Arf arf

Perhaps the fact I like this is directly related to the fact I like swearing so much.

Or perhaps because Helen makes such a strong and reasoned point.


Make one here if you like

And no, I didn't make this one. Full credit etc. Sorry about the appearance of this, I had to resize it and it got unhappy.


Lisa said...

Tee hee. This one made me giggle.

Martha said...

Ha! Priceless. People are very clever. Well, some are. There are a few absolute clunkers on the site too. said...

That's what I found at th eesite. One or two very funny ones surrounded by a mass of completely non witty ones.


llew said...

Some very rude ones there!

Martha said...

Lots of people seem to think the height of good humour is alleging that Don and Helen are gay.

Oh hardy har har

Lisa said...

Or even funnier to the masses that "so and so" is a ho.