Monday, September 26, 2005

Not much to say

I can't really look at the previous post, with the nasty "l" word in it, without still feeling a little queasy.

After a very quiet Friday night I woke up on Saturday not feeling too bad. I had a lunch date with friends at the Matterhorn. It was lovely, free of children and men, and just very chilled. The food was splendid, and I love the service there. It never fails to impress me that they memorise everyone's order.

I decided to walk to the station through town, and do a bit of people watching. Well, I tell ya, I saw Mark Sainsbury and Mark Crysell (sp?) as I left Matterhorn, Nesian Mystik were playing in Manners Mall, then I saw the Governor General, then I saw some Greens (Rod Donald was the only one whose name I could remember - is "whose" a word?), and I also saw lots of mountain runners who I am sure are super celebrities in their own countries. I really enjoyed myself, until the creeping illness crept back.

I had to make an urgent call to Glen to come an rescue me from the city. I think I might have passed out on the train, and you don't want to be doing that on any of the Hutt services...

So yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day in bed. I read all the newspaper for a change, and dozed, and did not much else. Unfortunately this was punctuated with dashes to the bathroom and feeling very poorly indeed.

Glen is absolutely shattered. Two full days of looking after the boys on his own has fair tuckered him out. I'm quietly pleased about that.

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Kate said...

Maybe he needs some ritalin to liven him up ;)