Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm not at the Matterhorn having dinner with friends as planned. I am continuing to be ill and lie on the couch.

I think it could well have something to do with a laksa I ate yesterday.

Curse you, tasty laksa.

5 comments: said...

Welcome to the ill club.


Martha said...

This is not a club I am happy to belong to Ben. Make it go away.

Pix said...

Ick, where'd you get the laksa from? I think my favourites are at Satay Kingdom. Although perhaps you're still not suitably recovered to engage in this discussion.

Not that I really give a much of anything about INXS, but I read that post and I guess it reveals the gender of the winner, but not who exactly. When I last saw it there was 4 people left, 50 percent of them men. So perhaps the revelation warranted a glass of wine, but perhaps not a cocktail?

Get better.

Martha said...

I got the laksa from the food court at North City - which I suppose is asking for trouble really - although I am not sure at all that my malaise was food induced.

I'm feeling a hellava lot better this morning anyway.

And as far as the Inxs thing goes, I can't presume to know how upset Jo was, so I'm going for the big apology!

I hate surprises myself, well, I like them when they're new. But I'd just feel fakey surprised if everyone else knew who won and I didn't!

Johnny Diesel said...

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate laksa incident. Been feeling like crap myself for over a week. Just a cold. Can't seem to shake it. Still, I managed to have a fairly big night out last night. Ended up at a shocker of a bar called 'Bar De Baz'. Need I say anymore? I suspect I'd be wiser not to. First time on Ponsonby Road in bloody eons. It's changed. Has a lot in common with Courtney Place these day. Argghhh...

Anyways, get well soon and good to see you're still listening to the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays... and the Bats of course. Although you have to say that don't ya? Classic. Timeless. It doesn't get much better than that. Might have to rock out to I am the Ressurection now. Anything to get over a hangover.