Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Team Petone

Dramarama in the sleepy hollow of the Hutt today.

As myself, my kids, my friend Rachelle, and Rachelle's daughter Stella, pulled out onto the Esplanade today after kindy, we saw a police ute with its lights flashing on the beach side of the road. Hooning towards us were another three police cars with their lights flashing chasing some fucking boy racer bogan potential killer. The ute pulled out onto the Esplanade in front of the car to try and stop it - at which point it pulled up onto the footpath and passed the police ute on the inside.

I'm gagging to know what happened. We resisted the urge to follow - which was pretty easy as we would have had to do a wheelie over the median strip and probably killed someone - and we're just not quite that nosey.

Another two cop cars whistled past us. I'm guessing by the amount of them that the chase must have been underway for a while.

I hope they didn't hurt anyone. It was at about 3.30pm which is a pretty busy time of day.



David said...

Late for the rugby, perhaps?

Didn't notice that they were doing 180 thru Petone, pursued by police?

By definition they cannot speed?

David said...
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Martha said...

Cheeky David. I hope you don't care that our leader speeds, and admire her grit and stoic-ness and voted for her. What electorate are you anyway? West New Zealand?

David said...

I'm in Otaki, strangely enough. And I've voted already, at my local Darwin polling station.