Sunday, September 18, 2005

Peter Dunne-ce

Well what an exciting election. We went down and cast our votes at about 3.30pm. It is fair to say I was at that point somewhat lagered after a very nice first birthday party for my lovely son.

I thought it fairly inappropriate there was a dude sitting behind the desk with a National ribbon. Had a have been a little more sober I probably would have remembered about scrutineers and left him alone. Nevermind. I'm sure he felt important.

And what a nail-biter the election results were. Our friends came around at about 7.30, and at that point we were feeling pretty pessimistic. But what a dramatic night. Al Quaeda wanting to fly into the Sky Tower, and lots of action packed results. Rodney eh? Do you know, I like him. Not in a 'I'd vote for him' way, but in a 'I'm sure he'd be interesting to have a drink with', and frankly, I'm pretty pleased he beat the National guy.

And 'kinoath. Peter Dunne sure made himself sound like a total graceless prick, with his humourless comments about the media. And he fancies himself kingmaker, so all a bit rich talking about reporters being self-made stars. I thought he acted like a complete and utter dork. Prior to the election I was very amused to read that he'd met all his parties objectives - one of which was to keep marijuana illegal (slow clap). Wow. What a legend, it must have been real tough winning that battle.

And now he won't sit with the Greens in cabinet. I sincerely hope that Labour can form a government without him if that is the case. We can live without (another) little jumped about eejit about the place.

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Rosiemunda said...

yes is sure was nail biting! Being in australia land we were just checking on the computer without any of the actual journalism which was sad, i love watching the idiot interviews,especially from the bitter ones, har har.