Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Team America

I'm being a bit of a copycat, but I just wanted to say how BRILLIANT Team America - World Police is - and I wasn't pissed while watching it.

Now we have the new laptop, we can watch dvds in bed. I tell ya, life doesn't get more civilised than that. Stuff remote controls, bring the picture to me.

Anyhow, Team America was so funny that I wept in more than one part. For anyone who has watched it I'll tell you the bits I laughed, then you can tell me the bits you laughed, then we can all laugh at the memory (or look taken aback, and never respect the other for laughing at THAT bit).

There was much mirth over the surgery which left our hero with a nuggety face and whispy whiskers. There was amusement every time they asked our hero to ACT, and there was the vomit. WITV. Brilliant.

We're still getting the free dvds from dvd unlimited, and I think they're really good, prompt and they've sent heaps of new releases. Better than fatso.


David said...

I loved TA. I'm not usually a laugh-out-loud person. But I couldn't help myself during several bits.

But... I was in the local DVD shop just a few days ago. There were a couple of girls who looked about 15 or so. One spotted TA and said that her cousin had seen it "and it was disgusting". And she had a genuinely disgusted look on her face, rather than one that suggested she was saying this in jest.

So... It isn't often that we can enjoy something that shocks young people, rather than having them shock us.

Martha said...

Oh that is lovely. Poor young people. The world can be a worry when you're young and earnest.

Rosiemunda said...

oh my G.O.D I loved team america. I loved the operation too and especially afterwards when he is wearing the towel, har! and also when they say - remember the signal?

also mr mistofoles or however you spell it, of course I'm so wronwry and alec baldwin.

Martha said...

Oh yes "so wronwry" was beautiful. And so was "America fuck yeah!". Bwrirriant.

David said...

I'd love a couple of panthers!

Martha said...

We've got a panther like that actually. We could send it over, he is called Julio.

How about the pussies, dicks and assholes. I story for every situation.

Kate said...

Good digga digga digga from Dirkadirkastan.

Seriously - like it so much I bought it.

Martha said...

We keep going to send it back, and then go nah, lets watch it again.

And good digga digga to you.

Everyone has AIDS.

Rosiemunda said...

aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

aids aids

I always forget about that number but i loves it

Rosiemunda said...

matt damon

Kate said...


Em said...

"Pearl Harbour sucked almost as much as I need you"

But the vomit was the bit where I went all hysterical and cried with laughter.

Oh, and the puppet sex!

PS When your DVD Unlimited trial runs out, I can send you a Movieshack one - they're my favourite

Martha said...

Oh yeah, the Pearl Harbour bit was brilliant.

I definitely cried most over the plastic surgery.

My Dvd thing has expired, we thought we'd do the right thing and keep it for another month - they've been great so far, but I'll let you know when that expires.