Thursday, September 08, 2005

Make me an offer - a job offer

Today I'm thinking I might really like to return to the paid workforce.

These kids are being monkeys.

Someone please pay me to sit around and drink coffees and go wandering in my lunch hour and check my emails and go to meetings and wear clean clothes.



Make Tea Not War said...

I'm at work today and wishing I could be home with my daughter as she was especially cute this morning.

Grass is always greener...

Martha said...

Oh I know. It is the first time I've felt like I'd prefer work for ages.

And they seem to usually not go over the top - one asleep now and the other at kindy, so not too bad.

llew said...

I think there might be this new place called Hooters looking for staff soon.

Martha said...

Gosh darn it. I've just stopped breastfeeding, which is probably the only way I would have *ahem* measured up to their exacting standards.