Thursday, September 15, 2005

Car chase update

I finally got around to reading yesterdays paper just now, and the idiot bogans I saw hooning along the esplanade were caught on Majoribanks St. They started in Wainouiomata. I was a bit confused because it said they were going 120kms along the motorway, and 60 in built up areas.

I swear they were going at least a million miles an hour.


noizy said...

" said they were going 120kms along the motorway, and 60 in built up areas."

What? About the speed every male driver drives at anyway?

Martha said...

yeah, and it didn't mention how they almost KILLED people by swerving onto the footpath. They'll probably just get a fine too.

I think naughty driving should get jail. I'm turning into a hardarse in my old age. said...

Unless of course it is the Prime Minister, in which case they should be allowed to.

David said...

I'd die of embarrasement if you caught me going as slow as 120 on a motorway.

I'll avoid mentioning a run from Verona towards the Brenner Pass when I was travelling up over 200. That ate up the kilometers. Or the trip from Calais back to the Netherlands where I avoided dropping below 160 until the poxy junction at Ghent where the vehicle starts to roll at any speed over 120.

As for my current location... we don't have a speed limit outside urban areas. Hooray!

Martha said...

Ben, I think people have taken the whole PM speeding thing wrong. Everyone is like, she was speeding for a rugby game. They should be saying "yeah, but she was speeding for a RUGBY GAME". Big difference.

And David, it is all fun and games til someone loses and eye.

And I imagine your open roads are quite, er, sparse?

David said...

It's the 1200km between Katherine and Alice without any traffic lights where it pays to speed. After a while all the termite mounds start to look a bit samey. And you wouldn't want to slow down for Tennant Creek in case you broke down there and ended up having to stay the night.

But the fun bits are the dirt roads. I lose my nerve at about 130. It's slightly scary to be hooning along at those speeds and notice that you're coming up on a section that washed away in the last wet season. I hit a cutting about a foot deep and a couple of feet wide at reasonably hight speed last year. And just about punched a front shock absorber thru the bonnet. Had to replace the rubber bung at the top as it was all split. And rubber bungs are surprisingly expensive.

What spoils a holiday to NZ is the hideously boring anti-speeding propaganda that plays in EVERY BLOODY TV COMMERCIAL BREAK. FFS!!! And the police cars camped out beside the road every few kilometers waiting to shake down motorists. You can travel around Europe for years and not see this happen anywhere. Yet you'll see ten or more on a trip from Wellington to Auckland. I'm happy for the PM to drive as fast as she likes. But save us the repetitive propaganda and the uniformed tax collectors.

Martha said...

Funnily enough the speeding ads on telly have abated somewhat since the PMs court case. Coincidence? I think not.