Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh bliss

What a lovely day. And what a lovely day yesterday, and the day before, and what's this? The day before that too.

I have de-weeded the lawn, with the help of Finn and Scoop the Digger. I have weeded the garden. I have planted basil and tomato and parsley seeds. I have composted a new bed along the side of the house where my new seedlings will live once they appear.

I am so in love with the sun, I know global warming is terrible, and isn't all nice weather - it is actually nasty hurricanes and Petone disappearing into the harbour - but doesn't it sound nice? Perhaps we could manage global warming in some way, so that it is like this all the time. Or move to Cairns. Although Cairns has snakes. At least we haven't got snakes.


Em said...

I heard on National Radio once that NZ will be one of the few countries to benefit from global warming.

Except Petone of course. Petone might be stuffed. ;-)

Alan said...

I'm jealous of your garden. Maybe you could come and do ours as well?

Martha said...

Em, I'm sure actually Petone will rise out of the ocean and we will become the kings and queens of all the land atop Mt Petone the Great.

And Alan, tell ya what, the garden was formerly a sea of concrete, so not such an enviable proposition. And it helps that sections out here are very small, and we have an influx of punters arriving in 4 days for a birthday party of epic proportions.

Normally it isn't quite so dishy. And you probably wouldn't want my help - I'd accidentally kill all those insects you're so keen on.