Thursday, September 08, 2005

Memoirs in 10 bullet points

I have been angsting about this since I came up with the idea. Basically the problem I hit each time is that it ends up being 10 Bullet Points of Significant People. I can't get through 10 experiences that sum up my life without relating them to the people who were involved, and the bullet point principle is really a single sentence, and at the most 2 sentences.

So here is draft #1

  • My parents Pamela and Terry are, and have always been, an inspiring and supportive pair. They are energetic and always open to new ideas, and so right from the beginning they have obviously been a significant part of my life.
  • And life wouldn't be the same without my sister. She is funny and clever and completely on my wavelength, and now she has a family of her own it is exciting to be growing up together.
See? Too hard to write anything about life without including people. I'll make the next 8 bullet points as brief as I can, although of course I have to mention

  • meeting and falling in love with the clever and handsome Glen.
  • Having the beautiful babies
  • Going to univeristy and meeting lots of people and learning a little about unlocking the ole brain
  • Travelling, significant trips being a few months spent in Japan, and a few months spent in Europe
  • skiing as a child.
  • Extended family generally. I have enjoyed a large and merry Christmas every year of my life with these spectacular people.
  • Friends
I'm going to leave it here for the time being. My memoirs just seem to be a who's who in my life.

I'll try again soon.


David said...

You've used up 9 of your 10 already. That only leaves one spare for the rest of your life. It doesn't sound as if there is much possibility left for excitement.

Martha said...

I know. The concept is inherently flawed. Shame, it sounded so snappy. Perhaps I should have made one bullet point friends and family and then listed all the rock and roll good times.

The other problem with memoirs is I can't remember the rock and roll good times.