Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'll start being intelligent and interesting tomorrow

We had a very splendid day at the Petone-Moera Plunket Art Workshop. Thrilled to see many visitors, not least of them the Jems.

It was a terrific morning. It only cost a gold coin donation (plus extra if you wanted to buy your kiddie a canvas), and someone else cleaned up all the painty mess. Very civilised.
Finn painting pink at the art workshop

Also in the exciting news realm I mowed the lawns and sewed on some buttons. Does the fun never end?

Well no, because we've also loaded about 30 Cds into iTunes today, which I'm quite pleased about. Only another 200 or so to go. I'm happily listening to the Congos chirping out of the wee speakers now.

4 comments: said...

I hope you used mp3 formats for your CDs, otherwise you'll have some stupid encrypted form that won't transfer to another computer. So you'll have to do it all again later!


pink Flamingo said...

Aww he looks so happy in that pic! The fun really does never end but at least the weather is improving.

hers said...

The Jems is such a delightful way to refer to, well, the Jems.

The Jems said...

Thanks for having us, we could have stayed all day were it not for eldest son's complete lack of interest in artistic pursuits!

The name Jems has been around for about 13 years - it even predates the Internet :-)