Friday, September 09, 2005

Hey go and watch telly

So that later, when I've had some wines and watched Inxs, you know what I'm talking about - go and turn your telly on TV3 at 7.30.

Oh, you're all out. Nevermind.


Martha said...

I guess Blog Babe from the salubrious website freeeeeee porn will be turning the tv on.

Spammers. Where would we be without them, certainly not knowing where the free porn is... said...

When you delete the spam comments you can click a box that says "remove permantely". That way it doesn't leave a trace.
Just neater



Martha said...

Thanks Ben, any advice gratefully accepted.

David said...

My advice... give up drinking and use the wonky letter thing.

Is that gratefully accepted?

Martha said...


Some advice not gratefully accepted after all.

Give up drinking. Ha.