Wednesday, September 07, 2005


We've got that free deal from DVD Unlimited at the moment, so for the next fortnight we'll be working out way through all the films we've not seeen since we cancelled out Fatso membership.

We watched Sideways last night. I loved it. I can't fault it in any way.

It had the whole wine thing going on, which I rate.

I love the chinese woman actor (if I was a better blogger I'd look up her name for you - I think it is Sandra Oh), and I loved the chaps. I can only remember Lala Haydn Church, he was fabulous.

I don't like writing reviews, nor even reading them for that matter, so I'll leave it at this...

Very highly recommended. Tonight we're watching Garden State.


Rosiemunda said...

i'm sorry but I have to say that I HATED sideways, I thought it was totally pretentious and boring! I had no connection or empathy to the characters and didn't care what happened to them.

As I am a bit of a wine wanker (not my choice, twas my profession) all the wine stuff just annoyed me....

Rosiemunda said...

...because they thought they were saying such amazing stuff but it was pretty basic really and wine is just not very important in the scheme of things. I think this movie is TOTALLY overrated!

There you go, write a review expect a review.
I suspect I am a meanie and have well and truly burst your bubble.

Martha said...

No, you haven't burst my bubble!

I liked all the pinot stuff because my parents are planting their place in pinot soon.

And I thought is was great that they were supposed to be wankers, so you started off thinking you were meant to like them, and by the end you realised you shouldn't have thought that, because they were just dicks.

Martha said...

I am prepared to concede that the character of Maya wasn't very well developed, but I thought the others were great - if (intentionally) annoying.

Kate said...

Did you like Garden State? I enjoyed it. It was different from my normal viewing and could have finished earlier. But interesting.

I think DH should have watched it for the psycho drugs ;)

Martha said...

I didn't think that much of it, although I thought Zach Brach or whatever was a good actor, in fact they all were. It just seemed a little immature and obvious to me. Lacked a bit of subtlety.