Thursday, September 08, 2005

I've got an election

I just wanted to say how much fun this election is.

There are excellent personalities, humour (Blumpsk), backstabbing, secret religious cults with half a mill to spare, bribes (bribe ME), and potential for a good outcome (to my eyes).

All up I think it is the funnest election since I started caring.

And bless David Farrar for showing me what the other lot are thinking, and his ability to say nice things about left wing amusing websites.

This blogging world has the ability to make me feel very plugged in. I like it.


Alan said...

Hmmmm. Now you're starting to sound like Don Brash, except that in your case you have said much the *same* thing twice in succession

Martha said...

Bloody oath. Bloody blogger lost my first post, so now you can see how bad my memory is, and now you've commented on both I feel like I can't get rid of one because it would ruin the integrity of the site.

And you must never ever say I'm like Brash again.

Kate said...

We've definitely turned a corner in politics in terms of the way they are running their campaigns (calling on movie stars like Sam Neil etc). It's crazy and hella funny. Some stupid actor is not going to influence the way I vote. Show me your policies and some integrity you dumb ass.

CarolineM said...

Yes! The loony sect thing is great!

L said...

thanks for visiting :)

elections are always amusing, mainly because they always seem to include rather a lot of clowns