Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aww crap (for real)

I was going to write an Ode to Diarrhoea, mainly because I know how to spell diarrhoea, and also because I'm experiencing it regularly. Ugh! Not ME. Malo is crook.

Kind of limits my outlook of the world. Hah, I'm such a liar, I wouldn't actually be at Sundance or doing something outrageous anyway.

By the way, for those who are counting, I ran all the way along the Esplanade and back this morning. My knees didn't like it (probably because the beach is sloped, and my legs aren't).

Note: Spelling corrected, thanks Editter. Suddenly I can't right anyfing, I'm paranoid about misstakes. Shit.


The Editter said...

Diarrhoea has an "o" in it. Unless you're American.

I'm an editter, so I know how to spel.

Brena said...

Awwww crap!

Martha said...

I thought it did, and spelled it like that, but then believed the damn spellchecker - never again!

hers said...

However it is spelt it's a yuckky thing.

I hope everyone is feeling better today.

Jessie said...

Hurrah, first good laugh of the day :)