Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jay you beautiful thing

Project Runway has just finished the first series. Jay won! I love him! He is like a big gorgeous gay talking lovely jubbly clever clogs.

Did anyone else think his collection had quite a New Zealand feel to it? All that knitting and layering. I hope he copes with his "prize" of a job at Banana Republic.


Alan said...

I think people see what they want: I saw the clothes people will be wearing in 10 years time, just a little bit cyberpunk (and boots like Tank Girl, yayy!) and grungy.

Martha said...

Mmm, although youngies seem to be getting more conservative don't they? Or am I just that jaded.

I hear you though, it did look like the future, and wicked, I like it.

Violet said...

I actually thought Wendy's collection was more wearable, but if you're talking artistic merit e.g. innovation, then Jay was the man for me. Some of his stuff was kinda Japanese-y (architectural rather than wearable), but I liked his funky layers. I'm so glad Kara Saun didn't win 'cos she wasn't playing fair with those shoes of hers.

Martha said...

I was sad that she turned out to be that way at the end, having thought she was so great the rest of the time.

Wendy's was wearable, but not really cohesive or interesting.