Thursday, January 19, 2006

School reunion

My school is having a reunion this Labour Weekend. I'm quite keen to go, but by and large everyone I have spoken to looks a bit nauseous at the prospect. I'm absolutely not going if the only people there are dickheads (high school vernacular kicks in). I'm well aware that the very cool won't be there, but if it is only morons it will be very bad.

Has anyone had any experience of a school reunion? This is for my secondary school. I went to a primary school one a few years ago, and it bloody rocked. Not least because Salmonella Dub played.


llew said...

I avoided all mine. But my sister went.

And oddly, all the (surviving) cool people from my year went.

Make Tea Not War said...

No, not me. I didn't go to school in New Zealand so it hasn't been convenient to go to any of them so far and I'm not sure I'd go even if I could. Let sleeping demons lie I say. I would have quite liked to have gone to my best friend (from high school)s wedding in Marrakech however.

Mandy said...

Went to a uni course reunion once, cos nice old lecturer retiring and nice to visit/stay with ex-flatmate (off different course), who still lived there.
Only ex-students I knew who turned up at the reunion were people I'd found pleasant but dull first time round. Ended up talking to strangers instead and escaping back to my friend's house as soon as the speeches were over.

Anna said...

I went to my intermediate class reunion [20 years] a while back, where it was interesting to see what all us brainiacs had achieved [or not]. We were the 'A-stream' class and I felt I had let the team down a bit but I certainly wasn't the only one. It was weird seeing the heart-throbs of those days turn up fat and ugly...I guess we had all changed from ages 10 and 11 years.